Watch Restoration

Watch Restoration

With watches being such an integral part of expressing one’s style, ensuring that your timepiece stays in optimal working order is paramount. As a reputable watch restoration service based in the UAE, FIXIT UAE offers specialized expertise across all luxury watch brands to keep your prized possession running smoothly for years to come. Whether your watch requires a simple battery replacement and pressure testing or more complex repairs like refinishing, polishing, and replacing worn parts, you can trust our experienced watchmakers to handle every service and repair with precision and care. We understand the sentimental and monetary value of your watch, and our goal is always to restore your treasured timepiece to factory condition so it can continue to serve as a meaningful accessory for many years. Entrust FIXIT UAE’s certified professionals to give your watch the specialized service it deserves.

Watch Restoration

Watch Restoration Services Offered by FIXIT UAE

Servicing and Repair

Our expert watchmakers have the skills and experience to service and repair watches from all major brands. We perform diagnostics to assess the condition of your watch and identify any issues. Then, we conduct a full disassembly, cleaning, oiling, and reassembly to ensure all components are in working order. Any non-functioning or damaged parts are repaired or replaced. Your watch will be returned to you keeping excellent time and in like-new condition.

Refurbishment and Restoration

For watches that require more extensive work, we offer refurbishment and restoration services. Our watchmakers meticulously restore your timepiece to its original factory specifications. This includes reconditioning or replacing damaged parts, polishing and re-plating metal surfaces, reluming watch hands and indices, and ensuring the movement is brought back to precise timekeeping standards. Your cherished heirloom or vintage watch will look and perform like new.

Crystal Replacement

Scratched, cracked, or broken watch crystals detract from the appearance and functionality of your timepiece. We source high-quality mineral glass, sapphire, or plexiglass crystals to closely match your watch model and install the new crystal to restore a clear, unobstructed view of the dial.

Band and Strap Replacement

Over time, watch bands and straps can become worn, damaged, or simply outdated in style. We offer leather, metal, and synthetic replacement bands to suit your tastes and budget. Our expert watchmakers will expertly fit and install a new high-quality, long-lasting band that enhances the look of your timepiece.

Water Resistance Testing and Resealing

If your watch is exposed to water or moisture, its water resistance can become compromised. We thoroughly test your watch to determine its current water resistance rating and reseal the case to restore or improve its protection. Your valuable timepiece will be ready for use in all environments without worry.

Watch Restoration

Our Expert Watch Restoration Process

Diagnosis and Evaluation

Upon receiving your timepiece, our certified watchmakers will perform a comprehensive diagnosis to evaluate its condition and functionality. Using state-of-the-art equipment, they test all components to identify any issues requiring servicing or repair to restore your watch to like-new condition.

Disassembly and Cleaning

Once our watchmakers have determined what service your watch needs, they will carefully disassemble it piece by piece. Each part is then ultrasonically cleaned to remove built-up dirt and debris. Any worn or damaged components will be repaired or replaced.

Repair and Replacement

Should your watch require any repair or part replacement, rest assured that our watchmakers have access to authentic parts from most major brands. Moreover, they will repair or replace any components necessary to get your watch functioning accurately again, from dials and hands to crowns, crystals, and bracelets. Additionally, all work is performed to the highest standards set by the Swiss Watch Federation.

Reassembly, Testing, and Polishing

After cleaning, repairing, and replacing any necessary components, our watchmakers reassemble your timepiece by hand. They then thoroughly test it to ensure all parts are working properly before polishing the case and bracelet. Your watch is then ready to be reunited with its owner, keeping excellent time and looking as good as new.

Final Inspection 

You can rest assured knowing that your cherished timepiece is in expert hands at FIXIT UAE. Furthermore, our meticulous restoration process allows your watch to continue faithfully keeping time for generations to come.

What types of watches can we restore?

We have expert watchmakers with years of experience restoring timepieces from all major luxury brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Cartier, and Panerai. Our highly trained watchmakers utilize state-of-the-art equipment to service both vintage and modern watches.

Watch Restoration


As you have seen, our watch restoration service at FIXIT UAE provides top-quality repairs for timepieces of any brand. With our skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, and passion for horology, you can trust us to breathe new life into your treasured watch. Whether it is a simple battery replacement or a full restoration job, we handle every watch with the utmost care and attention to detail. So, Don’t wait any longer to have your watch looking and running like new again. Contact FIXIT UAE today to schedule your appointment and let us meticulously restore your watch to its former glory. With our expertise, your watch will be ticking for many years to come.

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