Watch Polishing

Watch Polishing

As a watch owner, you know that keeping your timepiece in pristine condition requires ongoing care and maintenance. Regular polishing is an important part of preserving your watch‘s appearance and value over time. That’s where FIXIT UAE’s expert watch polishing services come in. With years of experience handling fine watches, our master craftsmen have the skills to gently buff away scratches and restore your watch‘s crystal, case, and bracelet to a brilliant shine. Trust your treasured watch to the capable hands of our professionals. Schedule a watch polishing appointment today to see how our meticulous process can restore the flawless finish you love.

Watch Polishing

The Art of Watch Polishing

Watch polishing is an intricate process that requires a high degree of skill and expertise. When done correctly, it can dramatically improve the appearance and value of a timepiece. The polishing procedure involves gently buffing the watch case and bracelet to remove small surface scratches and imperfections, bringing back the brilliant shine of the metal.

Choosing a Polish

The first step is selecting an appropriate polish and buffing compound based on the type of metal – stainless steel, gold, platinum, or titanium. The polish is applied with a soft cloth to the watch case and links of the bracelet.

Buffing and Shining

The watchmaker then uses a buffing wheel or cloth to gently rub the polish onto the surface using small circular motions, taking care not to overheat the metal. Multiple grades of buffing wheels, from coarse to ultra-fine, are used to gradually refine the surface. This requires a deft hand and an eye for detail to ensure an even, consistent finish.

Finishing Touches

Once buffed, the watch is thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining polish residue. A final wipe-down with a microfiber cloth helps bring out a high gloss shine. For an even higher sheen, a watchmaker may use a watch polishing paste and repeat the fine buffing process.

Watch Polishing

Proper watch polishing is a skill that takes years of experience to master. When done by a professional, it can make a cherished timepiece look as good as new while preserving its beauty and value for generations to come. With some basic tools and patience, any watch owner can perform minor polishing, but for the best results, it is best left to the experts.

Our Expert Watch Polishing Services

FIXIT UAE offers professional watch polishing services performed by our team of expert watchmakers and jewelers. Our watch polishing process involves gently buffing and polishing your watch to remove light scratches and restore the crystal clear finish. We utilize state-of-the-art polishing equipment and specialized polishing compounds to carefully refine and re-finish the watch case and bracelet without damaging the base metal.

Case and Bracelet Refinishing

The watch case and metal bracelet receive a high-shine finish through successive grades of fine polishing pads and polishing rouges. Our watchmakers meticulously polish every surface of the case and each link of the bracelet until they achieve a mirror finish. For yellow gold or rose gold watches, the polishing process also helps restore the warm glow of the gold.

Crystal Scratch Removal

Light surface scratches on the watch crystal are carefully polished out using diamond paste polishes and felt buffing wheels. Deeper scratches that cannot be polished out will require crystal replacement to restore a flawless finish. Our watchmakers have years of experience polishing watch crystals of all materials including acrylic, mineral glass, and sapphire crystal.

Protective Sealing

Once polishing is complete, a protective sealant is applied to the watch case and bracelet. The sealant helps prevent tarnish, scratches, and water spots, keeping your watch looking its best. Re-sealing the watch also provides a protective barrier against environmental pollutants that can cause fading or discoloration over time.

Watch Polishing

By entrusting us with your valuable timepiece, you can trust that we will provide the finest professional watch polishing services in the UAE. Moreover, our meticulous multi-step polishing process will revive your watch with a stunning mirror finish and restore its original sparkle. We guarantee that your watch will return looking brand new.


So in summary, watch polishing is an important part of taking care of your timepiece. By using professional polishing services from a reputable company like FIXIT UAE! You can keep your watch looking its best for years to come. The trained technicians will safely and effectively polish away small scratches and scuffs, restoring the crystal and metal elements to a beautiful shine. With proper periodic polishing, your investment watch will maintain its value and keep running smoothly. So, Entrust your fine timepiece only to a service like FIXIT UAE’s watch polishing, where expertise and care ensure your watch gets the specialized attention it deserves.

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