Kids Guitar Repair

Kids Guitar Repair

As a parent, keeping your child’s guitar in proper working order is an important part of encouraging their musical journey. With regular use, guitars require maintenance and occasional repairs, which can feel daunting if you lack experience. That’s where FIXIT UAE’s kids guitar repair services come in. With over a decade of experience servicing instruments, our expert technicians have the skills to diagnose issues and make repairs, from minor tweaks to full refurbishments. Bring your child’s guitar to us for an assessment. We’ll troubleshoot any problems, provide a quote for fixes, and work diligently to get their instrument back in their hands, as good as new. With our help, you can keep your child’s guitar sounding great for years to come.

Kids Guitar Repair

Common Issues With Kid’s Guitars and How to Fix Them

Loose Tuning Pegs

Tuning pegs on kids’ guitars frequently become loose over time and with use, causing the strings to go out of tune. To fix loose tuning pegs, you will need to tighten the peg in a clockwise direction using a guitar tuner or tuning wrench. Turn the peg slowly while plucking the string until the pitch rises to the proper note. Be careful not to overtighten the peg.

Buzzing Frets

If the frets on a kid’s guitar are not level or properly spaced, it can cause an annoying buzzing sound. To fix buzzing frets, you will need to level and dress the frets using fret dressing files and fret polishing paper. Carefully file down any frets that are too high until the fretboard is level. Then use progressively finer grits of polishing paper to smooth the frets.

Broken Or Frayed Strings

Kids’ guitar strings take a lot of abuse and often break or become frayed over time. To fix broken or frayed strings, you will need to replace all of the strings with a new set. Remove the bridge or tailpiece cover on the guitar to access the bridge saddle and end of the fretboard where the strings attach. Remove the broken strings by loosening the tuning pegs and pulling the strings out from the bridge and nut. Install a new set of strings one at a time, threading them through the bridge and nut and winding them onto the appropriate tuning peg.

With regular maintenance and repair of common issues, a kid’s guitar can provide many years of enjoyment and learning. Fixing loose tuning pegs, buzzing frets, and broken strings are all within the abilities of someone with basic skills and the proper tools. If more complex repairs become needed, it is best to take the instrument to a professional guitar technician.

Why Choose Our Kids Guitar Repair Service?

Expert Technicians

Our expert technicians have years of experience repairing guitars, especially those made for children. They understand the specific needs and challenges that come with repairing smaller guitars. You can trust that your child’s guitar is in good hands with our technicians.

High-Quality Parts

We only use high-quality parts that are built to last through regular use and the normal wear and tear that comes from children learning to play. Cheaper parts may need to be replaced more often, but our parts are designed to have a long lifespan.

Affordable Pricing

While our technicians and parts are high quality, we understand that children’s guitars can require more frequent repairs and replacements. We aim to provide repair and maintenance services at affordable prices so that guitar playing remains accessible for children. We want your child to be able to enjoy learning and playing guitar without the worry of high repair costs.

Fast Turnaround

We understand that children can be impatient when their guitar needs repairs. Our technicians work as quickly as possible while still providing high-quality work. We aim to have guitars ready for pick up within 3 to 5 business days for most standard repairs and maintenance. For more complex issues, we will provide an estimate of the turnaround time when you drop off the guitar.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our work and want you and your child to be fully satisfied with the services we provide. If there are any issues with the repairs or your child is unhappy with their guitar for any reason after we have serviced it, please contact us. We will work to resolve any problems to ensure your child has a properly functioning guitar that they enjoy playing.

Kids Guitar Repair

Why Not DIY?

While do-it-yourself repairs can be tempting, guitar repair is best left to professionals. As a parent, you want the best for your child and their interests. Trusting their guitar to an amateur risks damage that could turn them off the instrument altogether. Instead, seek out a reputable guitar repair shop with experience working on children’s guitars.

Proper Training and Experience

Qualified technicians have undergone extensive training and have years of experience handling guitars. They have the proper tools, parts, and expertise to diagnose issues accurately and perform high-quality repairs. DIY fixes often do more harm than good and fail to address underlying problems. Technicians can spot worn frets, loose tuners, and other signs of normal use and prevent future damage. They can also recommend a proper setup and adjustments to suit a child’s needs.

Safer Repairs

Some guitar repairs require hazardous chemicals and precision work. Technicians have proper ventilation, protective equipment, and skills to work safely. DIY repairs could expose a child to toxic fumes or result in physical injury from slips, cuts, or electric shock. It is always better to trust guitar repair to the professionals.

Cost-Effective Solution

While DIY may seem cheaper, professional repairs are often more affordable in the long run. Technicians have quality parts and tools on hand and the experience to fix issues efficiently. DIY attempts frequently require multiple purchases and repairs to fix initial mistakes. Professionals also provide estimates before work begins so you can budget appropriately. For children’s guitars, qualified shops may even offer discounts or payment plans to make quality care more accessible.

Kids Guitar Repair

Professional guitar repair ensures your child’s instrument receives quality care and lasts for years of use. Find a reputable shop in your area and take your child’s guitar in for an initial setup and inspection. Building a relationship with a trusted technician will give you peace of mind that their guitar is in good hands.


As a parent, ensuring your child’s musical instrument remains in proper working order is an important part of nurturing their artistic development. By turning to a professional kids guitar repair service like Fixit UAE, you can have confidence that any issues will be correctly diagnosed and fixed by experienced technicians. This prevents frustrations that could otherwise discourage your child’s passion for music. With regular maintenance and timely repairs when needed, your child’s guitar can last for many years of musical joy. Trust Fixit UAE for caring, affordable kids guitar repair that keeps the music playing.

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