At Fixit UAE, instrument repair and restoration is our true passion. We strive to make each and every instrument that comes to our workshop play at the peak of its potential. Whether it’s a complete saxophone repair or fine-tuning a clarinet, there are simply NO shortcuts when it comes to repairs! Always steeped in the tradition of old-school repair philosophy, Fixit UAE is driven by challenges, relishes every opportunity to learn something new and constantly explores fresh and improved repair methods. Fixit UAE is located in Dubai and we are happy to accept long-distance repairs.

Saxophone Repair

Dubai Saxophone Repair Services

Our Dubai Saxophone Repair Workshop provides a full range of Saxophone repair services in the Dubai area. Our experienced saxophone technicians are here to help, whether you need a complete overhaul of your instrument, need a worn pad replaced, or want a simple tune-up. All Saxophone Repair is assessed prior to any work taking place. After assessing your instrument, our technician will discuss the required work with you. You will receive a formal estimate, and if you agree to it, work will begin on your instrument at the next available date.

We will keep you informed about the progress of the work on your device. If any other problems are found, the technician working on your device will contact you to first explain the problem and then discuss the options needed to resolve it.

On the spot Saxophone Repair

If you have a minor problem with your saxophone, a team of repairmen is available to perform saxophone repairs while you wait. Our on-site service is designed for quick adjustments and minor repairs that can take up to 30 minutes. We also do our best to accommodate emergency repairs, as we know how important it is to have your saxophone functioning at its best for an upcoming performance or exam.

Saxophone Check-Down

Here we check your saxophone completely without disassembling the instrument. This annual check ensures that you get the most out of your saxophone.

Saxophone Repad and Services

There are other specialty repairs we can perform such as removing dents, re-soldering broken parts, fitting keys, silvering or gold plating keys, and re-fitting mouthpieces. This presentation will show you exactly what we do during any standard saxophone maintenance or overhaul.

Saxophone Servicing

Saxophones can be serviced in three ways: Individually, in a Light Service, or in a Full Service/Overhaul. Our service options are designed to restore used instruments to factory-fresh condition so they sound and play well.

Saxophone Repair

The main focus of the business is the repair and restoration of old saxophones. Fixit UAE repair artisan George Bunk has a lifetime of experience and acquired knowledge in repairing Conn, King, Buescher, Martin, Buffet, Keilwerth, Yamaha, Selmer, and even Adolphe Sax saxophones and more. Each brand and model of saxophone offers unique challenges, from properly adjusting the table keys on a King Super 20 to adjusting and regulating the numerous permanent adjusters and set screws on a Conn Connqueror, to achieving the right feel on a Selmer Mark VI or Balanced Action, and adjusting the hand keys and leveling the tone holes on a Conn Chu Berry. 

Fixit UAE is different from other suppliers in that we know and understand the specifics of each brand of the saxophone. We’ve also become known for our modern horn setups where we apply this knowledge to optimize the feel and response of new horns. This experience has provided Fixit UAE with unique insights into saxophone repair and setup.