You can take advantage of our Electric Guitar Repair Workshop in Dubai to ensure that your guitar is always in perfect condition. Whether your instrument is an electric, acoustic, Spanish, or bass guitar, our luthiers and technicians have decades of experience. The most advanced repair techniques are combined with our years of experience. Our services range from basic setups (truss rod adjustment and intonation adjustment, string replacement, fret polishing, etc.) to more comprehensive ones, including repainting, fret replacement, hardware replacement, etc. 

Moreover, we will offer you free advice on how to get the most out of your instrument. Whether you are looking for the right strings for your guitar or the best setup for your needs, our experts are here to help. Learn how to make the most of your instrument with the help of our experts.


Electric Guitar Repair at Fixit UAE

Repairs and tech services for guitars, including re-fretting, Electric Guitar Repair, refinishing, structural repairs, component upgrades, custom builds, mods, and pickup replacement. Our guitar players are skilled in the use of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and fretted folk instruments.

Electric Guitar Repair and Setup

Fixit UAE Dubai provides a guitar setup service for all makes and models. Each guitar is set up by an experienced luthier to the customer’s specifications, bringing out the best in each guitar’s playability, sound, feel, and appearance. We custom hand-build boutique guitars. We work with creativity, precision, and a great deal of attention to detail, regardless of whether it is a vintage replica or a one-of-a-kind build. Using premium tone woods, premium hardware, and top-of-the-line components is our guarantee from start to finish.

Fixit UAE Dubai provides complete Electric Guitar Repair, luthier, and tech services. Besides acoustic and electric guitars, all types of repairs are handled, from electronic, structural damage, setup, service, and re-fretting, refinishing, and modifications. You can get a free quote for guitar repair by getting in touch with us. 


Our Guitar Repair Services Includes

Service and setup for electronic products, including pickup installation, cavity routing, pick-up repairs, rewinds, component upgrades, custom wiring, mods, and cavity shielding for guitar bodies.

Guitar Fret Repair

Full guitar refretting, fret levelling/dressing, partial re frets, fret repairs/rounding/reseating.


Structure Repair

We provide structural repair services, such as breaking the headstock, fitting the bridge, repairing cracks/splits, routing the cavity, replacing bracing, resetting the neck, and more.

Guitar Art Designing

Among the services we offer are refinishing, touch-ups, dent filling, relicing, and custom artwork for guitars.


Guitar Bone Nut

Providing replacement hand cut bone nuts and saddle fittings, locknut fittings, pearl inlay replacements, guitar restorations, and general guitar luthier and tech services.

Standard Electric Guitar Repairs

Learning some basic skills can help you turn a lifeless guitar into an instrument you can play smoothly and solve some of the most common issues facing guitar players. The key to solving a problem is learning how to diagnose it correctly and come up with simple solutions. The internet contains several good articles that can assist in diagnosing a problem and finding a solution. With practice, you’ll learn maintenance and repairs just as you would when learning to play the guitar. In many cases, guitar repair can become an enjoyable hobby and can be a rewarding experience.

Final Thoughts on Electric Guitar repairs and Maintenance

Whether you have a small or large guitar issue, you can use a guitar technician or fix it yourself. The technician can help you return your guitar after restring it. For those who prefer to restring their own guitars, there are online tutorials that can serve as guides. Always be careful when restring your guitar. Prepare all the materials beforehand and find the perfect place to restring the instrument. Furthermore, restringing your guitar can be an enjoyable experience because you discover how each part affects the sound.