Dynamic Mic Repair is a service that repairs and replaces dynamic microphones. Dynamic microphones are used in a variety of applications, including broadcasting, recording, and audio production. These microphones are often subject to wear and tear and may need to be replaced due to damage or failure. Dynamic Mic Repair can help you replace your dynamic microphone with a new or refurbished unit.

Find us the perfect audiophile specialist with expert knowledge, skill, and sensitivity to details of every microphone frequency; Our team of experts has spent years mastering all brands & models of microphones, and you will find us as an unrivaled microphone repair specialist with a sound understanding of all microphone problems. Only when you choose us as your specialist, you will assure peace of mind regarding your service experience, which is guaranteed to restore all microphone faults back to a perfect working condition that you will truly appreciate!

Dynamic Mic Repair

Dynamic Mic Repair by Fixit UAE

As a company, we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality in the world at a competitive price. Our company receives microphones from all over the world. Count on us to repair your favorite dynamic microphone! We provide a wide range of large diaphragm condenser microphones manufactured by AKG, Blue, Neumann, Rode, Telefunken, Gefell, and other manufacturers. 

We Dynamic Mic Repair for people who understand great sound requires attention to detail and quality engineering. All of the products we make and sell are ones we would personally use.


If your microphone is having problems, we can help diagnose them:

  • Has become intermittent
  • Is distorting
  • Is dull sounding (has an uncharacteristic EQ)
  • Appears dead with no sound at all
  • Have defective switches (polar pattern selection, pad selection, on-off switch, etc…)

Typical services we offer include:

  1. Power supply repair
  2. Capsule replacement
  3. Capsule cleaning
  4. Replacement capacitors in older microphones 
  5. Replacement XLR connectors
  6. Tube mic cable repair or new build
Dynamic Mic Repair

Dynamic microphone repair is a process that is used to fix microphones that have been damaged by water or dust. Dynamic microphones are used in a variety of applications, including speech recognition and gaming. Dynamic microphones are usually made of plastic and metal, and they use a piezoelectric crystal to generate sound. The crystal is located in a sound-producing chamber, and it converts mechanical energy into sound. Dynamic microphones are often damaged by water or dust, and they can be difficult to repair. Dynamic microphone repair involves repairing the sound-producing chamber, and it can be difficult to do.

Valve Stock

Among our inventory are high-quality modern tubes, NOS tubes (New and Old Stock), and vintage tubes. In order to select the best microphone lines for your microphone, we use a custom valve tester.


If you have an older microphone that needs a bit of love, we can give it a service and clean it to ensure it is operating to the best of its ability. Any dirt or dust on components in vintage and valve microphones can dramatically reduce performance.


We can modify your microphone to alter its character by modifying the capsule, tube, or transformer; a common modification to the Shure microphone

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