The knowledge, equipment, and parts that we have can repair, service, and maintain a wide range of professional Condenser Mic repairs made by manufacturers such as Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, and Bock Audio. Combined, we have 10 years of experience in the repair and service of Neumann microphones, old and new. Our team disassembles them carefully, cleans them meticulously, troubleshoots the electronics, replaces malfunctioning electronic and mechanical parts with Neumann parts whenever possible, assembles them with love, and returns them to you like new (or better).

Condenser Mic Repair

Condenser Mic Repair by Fixit UAE.

Problems that then occur are reduced treble and increased noise or “bubbling” from the microphone, especially when speaking or singing closely into the microphone. This is caused by surface conduction at the diaphragm, resulting in leakage currents. It is also possible for a dirty capsule to cause random ticks (also known as popcorn noise). It is recommended to clean the capsules in these cases.

The capsule itself is very fragile, the membrane has a thickness of 3-6 micrometers, while the vaporized gold layer is barely more than one molecule thick! Cleaning the membrane with a cotton swab almost guarantees the destruction of the capsule. Moreover, there is a risk that the gold layer will be ground away during such a process. Here is an example of a microphone capsule that is ‘cleaned’ by an inexperienced person.

The membrane has lost most of its gold. It can be seen that the vaporized gold has flaked off and is then literally “wiped off” the membrane. The only way to get the microphone back in order was to replace the microphone capsule.

Condenser mic REPAIR

An expensive Condenser Mic Repair, which could have been avoided. Therefore, we advise against cleaning a microphone’s membrane on your own without the proper knowledge, equipment, and experience.

For accurate repairs and services, we calibrate test equipment from Lindos, Neutrik, and NTI every year. If your microphone is having problems, we can assist you:

  • Has become intermittent
  • Is distorting
  • Is dull sounding (has an uncharacteristic EQ)
  • Appears dead with no sound at all
  • Have defective switches (polar pattern select, pad select, on-off switch, etc…)

Why Choose Fixit UAE for Condenser Mic Repair?

 Fixit UAE has the best and most professional Music instrument experts who can give a new life to any musical instrument. All electronics repairing companies do not do Condenser Mic Repair as it requires expertise and experience related to the music. Our experts can diagnose the issue in no time and will give you a front quotation for the repair. No hidden charges and all processes are transparent. So contact Fixit UAE today and book a pickup service or bring it to our service center.