Do you have a problem with tuning your electric guitar or acoustic bass higher up the neck or having a weird sound when you play it? Would you like to improve the tone? Are there flat spots on your frets that make a buzzing sound? Fixit UAE can help. Our guitar set-up, repair, and modification services are reliable. From a basic setup to pickup switching, custom builds, and fret replacement, Fixit UAE Bass Guitar Repair delivers excellence, and a quick turnaround at a competitive price.


Bass Guitar Repair by Fixit UAE

Fixit UAE Guitar Works provides Bass Guitar repair in Dubai. It is Fixit UAE’s passion to help you with guitar problems and will give you honest advice. Our goal is to never sell you anything you don’t need, regardless of whether it makes our job easier. Fixit UAE is 100% committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Estimates are free and best done with the instrument in hand.

Bass Guitar Repair Dubai. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional musician, we can restore musicality to your guitar.  Regardless of the repair we do, we will stand behind it 100%. Fixit UAE is the place for repairs, setups, and modifications to your guitar & stringed instruments including re-strings, setups, re-frets, refinishing, neck resets, vintage restoration, relic-ing, blasting, cracked tops, broken or lose acoustic guitar braces, installation of pickups, custom electronics, bone nuts, and saddles, bindings and major rebuilds. Perfect work, FAST, at a low cost. Bass Guitar Repair is a full-service repair shop from setups and truss rod adjustments to complicated neck reset and new frets.


Guitar Repairs and Setups Dubai. Experienced technicians keep your instruments and equipment in top condition with expert repairs, upgrades, and maintenance.

Bass Guitar Repair has been a large part of Dubai Guitar Repair from the start. With excellent diagnostic skills, quality guitar repairs, and vintage restorations. We are also the most recommended company for repairs and re-fretting of great Hugh Burns guitars.

Dubai Guitar Repair runs our own high-quality guitar repair shop in Dubai. Guitars need regular maintenance to maintain playability, electronics, mechanics, and intonation. Weather conditions such as temperature, heating, and humidity, as well as wear and tear on frets, nuts, saddles, and strings can severely affect stringed instruments. Guitar repairs Dubai, amp repairs, guitar setups, re-fretting, headstock repairs and complete rewiring, spare parts, and custom build.

Repairs Fixit UAE Do At Bass Guitar Repair Dubai

Bass Guitar Repair, advice, maintenance & guitar setups Dubai. Cheap prices, quick service, and 100’s of happy customers. Bass Guitar Repair Dubai for YOU!

  • Your one-stop shop for all things music, including quality guitar repairs and music lessons!
  • All aspects of guitar customization are covered, including fretboard adjustment, truss rod adjustment, and pickup installation. Neck angle adjustment for acoustic guitars
  • Repairs for Guild, Gibson, Taylor, Gretsch, Fender, Martin and many more.
  • Cleaning and reconditioning the fretboard, cleaning the electronics, adjusting the truss rod, intonation, string height, and pickup height. A complete professional goes over head to body
  • Pickup service is offered from complete rewinds to waxing/pottery.
  • Guitar repair, modification, maintenance, fretting, pickup wrapping; waxing/tamping & customising
  • Dressing. Fret Levelling & Dressing, wiring issues and neck/bridge/nut/tremolo adjustments
  • Turnaround time is the fastest in Dubai, prices are super fair and most importantly the work is done right with the player in mind
  • From simple input jack repairs to pick up replacements to creative wiring modifications and complete rewires
  • All custom work can be completed to the highest professional standards

We always provide outstanding customer service. Motivated by a desire to meet the needs of each and every player. Modern and vintage Bass Guitar Repair services with the superior technician specialising in the repair and restoration of all electric, Acoustic Guitars and Amplifiers in Dubai. We have made our goodwill in Dubai by our quality work!