Our accordion repair and restoration services are available here at Fixit UAE. We work closely with several professional and highly experienced technicians throughout the country who are able to repair any type of accordion, concertina, melodeon, or any other free reed instrument. Any make and model of the accordion can be fitted with full or partial midi systems, as well as internal microphones. If you have an accordion that has seen better days, then why not bring it into our store for us to assess? Before traveling, however, please contact us so that we can ensure that the appropriate person is available to meet and assist you.

Accordion Repair


In the field of accordion repair and maintenance, Fixit UAE is a factory of talents. We pass on the treasures of the long Italian tradition of accordion crafting at our courses. This is our promise to you: if you ever need to repair or maintain your precious accordions, you should contact our Repairers. Our certified Repairing Centers are guaranteed to deliver the quality, excellence, and experience that we have forged in our workshop.

  • Musette Tuning
  • Finest Materials
  • MIDI Installations
  • Custom Case Fitting
  • Skilled Craftsmanship
  • Tuning and Reed Overhauls
  • Pickup/Amplification Installations
  • Comprehensive and Cosmetic Repairs
  • Work Performed on All Brands of Accordions

Repairs, Tuning, and Restoration

There are not many problems we can’t repair. Replacing keycaps, bellows corners, bellows bands, left bands, grill cloths, reeds, pads, valves, key stems, button stems, etc. We repair electronic products made by Musictech, Ketron, Orla, Iorio, Elkavox, Roland, Yamaha, and Korg. The advantage you will have with our services is that we can repair the acoustic and the electronics in your accordion. Accordion repair and midi systems are our forte. We are an authorized Roland, Yamaha repair tech.

Small or Large Accordion Repairs

A hand-pulled accordion can be repaired in our accordion workshop. Among these things is tuning the bass and treble, for example. General overhauls or restorations of old accordions. The conversion of chin registers and retrofitting of chin registers are just a few of the tasks we take on with pleasure. Of course, we also welcome foreign accordion brands. Due to our long experience with hand drawn instruments, we have many customers from all over Dubai.


Accordion Repair

We usually carry out minor repairs immediately, such as returning tones or replacing valves. Mechanical repairing on the keys and bass outcome is often not so bad and is therefore done immediately.

With our immediate and prompt service, you should not wait for long and the accordion player can take his instrument home immediately. Contact Fixit UAE if you have any Accordion Repairs, we will be glad to help you. We have been servicing and repairing accordions of all brands for 10 years. We provide master tuning, bass mechanism repairs, bellows repair, re-valving, waxing, keyboard leveling, pallet re-padding, and many other repairs to all styles of accordions. We offer prompt service on most repairs. Please be advised that repair estimates cannot be given without us seeing and hearing the instrument.