Glass Fencing

Glass Fencing

As a homeowner, you want to make the most of your living space while maintaining safety and security. Glass fencing provides an innovative solution that allows you to do both. Glass fencing from FIXIT UAE offers unobstructed views and seamless integration with the surrounding area while still providing a physical barrier to restrict access. Whether you need glass fencing for a pool, balcony, or garden area, FIXIT UAE has high-quality, customized options to suit your needs.

Glass Fencing

The Benefits of Glass Fencing for Your Home

Glass fencing provides numerous benefits for homes and properties.

Increased Visibility and Openness

Glass fencing gives the illusion of open space while still providing security and privacy. It allows natural light to filter into areas that would otherwise be blocked by solid fencing. This can make spaces seem more open and airy. Glass fencing is ideal for pool areas, gardens, and patios where an open design is preferable.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Transparent glass fencing improves the aesthetic appeal of a home. It provides an attractive, streamlined appearance that complements landscaping and the overall property design. Glass fencing looks modern and stylish, which can positively impact a home’s curb appeal and value.


While glass fencing creates an open look, it is reinforced to prevent breakage and ensure safety. Toughened glass that is at least 1/2 inch thick is typically used. This safety glass is four to five times stronger than regular glass and is designed to withstand impact. It shatters into small granular pieces instead of sharp shards, reducing the chance of injury.

Low Maintenance

Glass fencing is extremely low maintenance compared to wood, metal, or concrete fencing options. It does not require painting, staining or other treatments to prevent weathering. Glass panels can simply be wiped clean as needed. This results in minimal ongoing costs and effort to keep fencing looking pristine.

In summary, glass fencing provides an array of benefits for homes through its openness, style, safety, and low maintenance. By allowing maximum light and visibility, it creates an indoor/outdoor flow and connection with the surrounding area. Glass fencing enhances curb appeal while reducing costs and work over time. For these reasons, it is an ideal fencing solution for many properties.

Types of Glass Fencing Offered by FIXIT UAE

FIXIT UAE offers three main types of glass fencing:

Pool Glass Fencing

Pool glass fencing, also known as balustrading, surrounds swimming pools and prevents accidental falls into the pool. Frameless glass panels are installed with minimal metal framing for an open, unobstructed view. Stainless steel shoes or base plates securely attach the glass panels to the pool deck. For safety, tempered glass is used to withstand impact.

Garden Glass Fencing

Glass fencing is an attractive option for delineating garden spaces or enclosing a patio. Frameless glass panels are installed between metal or wooden posts. This allows for an unhindered view of the garden while still providing an effective barrier. Garden fencing may include a gate for access. Tempered, laminated, or toughened glass is recommended for durability.

Balcony Glass Fencing

People attach glass balcony panels, known as balustrades or railings, to the sides of balconies to prevent falls. They mount frameless glass panels to the balcony floor and overhead beams for a minimalist look with maximum transparency. People should install balcony fencing properly according to building code regulations for safety, using a specialized glass railing system and selecting the appropriate glass type based on the balcony’s height.

Glass Fencing

With its sleek, modern aesthetic and range of uses, glass fencing is an attractive option for enhancing outdoor spaces while prioritizing safety, security, and unobstructed views. FIXIT UAE can recommend and install the most suitable fencing solution for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Glass Fence for Your Needs

When selecting a glass fence, you’ll want to consider a few key factors to determine which type best suits your specific requirements.

First, determine the primary purpose of the fence. If enclosing a pool area, safety glass that meets building codes for pool fencing is essential. For a balcony or garden, standard tempered or laminated glass should suffice. Next, consider the level of transparency you desire. Clear glass provides an unobstructed view, while tinted or frosted glass offers more privacy. Tinted glass also helps reduce glare and heat, which may be preferable for a pool enclosure. The surrounding environment impacts your choice of glass as well. In areas with extreme weather like high winds, heat, or cold, reinforced or insulated glass is recommended. Laminated glass, which holds together when shattered, is ideal for high-traffic spaces where breakage is more likely.

Frame material is another important factor. Aluminum frames are affordable and low-maintenance but may corrode over time. Steel and wood offer a more decorative look but require more upkeep. For coastal regions, aluminum, vinyl, or composite frames stand up best to salt air and humidity. Finally, consider the installation method. Frameless glass fences attach directly to posts for an open appearance but require specialized hardware and installation. Framed glass panel systems are easier to install but tend to look more solid. The method you choose depends on your budget, DIY skills, and the look you want to achieve.

By assessing these elements, you can determine the right combination of glass, framing, and installation methods to meet safety requirements, match your home’s style, and withstand the local weather conditions. The ideal glass fence solution for your space is out there – you just have to find the perfect balance of form and function.


As you have read, glass fencing provides an attractive and functional solution for enclosing outdoor spaces. Whether for a pool, balcony, or garden area, frameless glass panels create an open and stylish barrier. Transparency maintains views while still providing safety and security. With various thicknesses, tints, and finish options to choose from, glass fencing can suit any design aesthetic.

Glass Fencing

For those in the UAE seeking to enclose an outdoor area, glass fencing offers an appealing option worth considering. With professional installation from a reputable company, you can have confidence in the structural integrity and longevity of the system. Enjoy the benefits of an open space along with peace of mind. Let the light in and keep the elements out with a customized glass fencing solution. You’ll gain an outdoor living area with minimal visual obstruction and maximum flexibility.

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