Fly Net Replacement

Fly Net Replacement

Fly Net Replacement: As a homeowner in the UAE, keeping pests and insects out of your property is an ongoing concern. Flies, mosquitoes, and other flying nuisances can easily make their way into homes through small cracks and holes, creating an annoyance and health hazard. However, replacing or repairing damaged fly netting on doors and windows is often an afterthought for many until the problem becomes unbearable.

Fly Net Replacement

Rather than continue battling with broken fly nets that no longer serve their purpose, contact the professionals at FIXIT UAE to schedule an evaluation and replacement service. With over a decade of experience providing fly net repair and installation in homes and businesses across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, FIXIT UAE has the expertise to properly assess your needs and implement long-lasting solutions. Don’t wait until your fly netting is in complete disrepair; take a proactive step now to ensure your home remains pest-free by scheduling a fly net replacement service. The minor time and cost required will provide you invaluable peace of mind in knowing your first line of defense against unwanted flying guests has been fortified.

Why You May Need to Fly Net Replacement?

There are several reasons why the fly netting on your doors or windows may need replacement:

  • Tearing or holes. Over time, the fine mesh can develop small tears or holes from general wear and tear or pets scratching at the net. Once there are openings, flies and other insects can easily get through, rendering the net useless.
  • Fraying. The edges of the netting, especially around the edges and seams, may start to fray after exposure to the elements. Fraying netting looks unsightly and the loose threads provide easy access for pests.
  • Loss of shape. The netting can lose its shape over time and with use, causing the mesh to sag or not sit properly in the frame. Ill-fitting netting is ineffective and can be difficult to operate.
  • Discoloration. Exposure to sunlight and weather can cause the netting material to fade, stain, or discolor. Discolored netting may need replacement for aesthetic reasons or if the material has become brittle.
  • Pest damage. In some cases, pests may chew through or damage the netting. Rodents, birds, and larger insects can potentially create sizable holes or tears in the mesh that allow easy access for other pests. It is best to replace severely damaged netting.

Replacing torn, frayed, misshapen, discolored, or pest-damaged fly netting helps ensure that doors and windows are properly sealed against flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects trying to make their way inside. For effective pest control and home protection, perform regular inspections of fly nets and replace them as needed.

How Our Experts Safely Replace Fly Nets

To ensure the fly nets on your property are properly and safely replaced, our experts follow strict procedures.


Our technicians will first inspect the existing fly net to determine the best course of action based on its current condition and size. They will evaluate if repairs or a full replacement are needed while also measuring the area to be covered to procure a fly net of the appropriate dimensions.

Removal of Existing Net

If replacing the entire fly net, our technicians will carefully remove the current netting without causing damage to the area underneath or nearby. They will dispose of the used fly net in an environmentally friendly manner.

Installation of New Fly Net

Once the area has been cleared, the new fly net will be installed. Our experts will securely fasten the netting around the entire area, anchoring it in place to posts, walls, or other structures as needed to keep it taut and prevent sagging. Only non-toxic, weather-resistant materials are used to install the fly net.

Safety Checks

To ensure the newly installed fly net is secure, our technicians perform several safety checks. Firstly, they test the anchors to guarantee firm affixation. Next, they check for any small holes or tears. Finally, they verify the even distribution of the netting with the appropriate amount of slack for your needs.

Fly Net Replacement

With strict standards and experienced professionals handling the replacement, you can rest assured your new fly net will be safely and effectively installed. Let us know if you have any other questions!

The Benefits of Fly Net Replacement With FIXIT UAE

Replacing your fly net with FIXIT UAE provides several advantages. Our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect your existing fly net to determine if repair or full replacement is needed. If replacement is recommended, we use high-quality, durable materials specifically designed for UAE weather conditions.

  • Longevity. New fly netting will last significantly longer than attempting to repair an older, damaged net. Manufactured with weather-resistant and UV-stabilized materials, a replacement fly net can provide up to 5-10 more years of useful life.
  • Improved Functionality. New fly netting offers optimal protection against insects, allowing for maximum airflow and visibility. Any tears, holes, or sagging areas in an older net severely reduce its effectiveness and allow easy access to pests.
  • Customized Design. We tailor our fly net replacements to meet your exact specifications and needs. We offer a variety of mesh sizes, materials, colors, and attachment methods to suit your requirements.
  • Peace of Mind. With a brand new, professionally installed fly net from FIXIT UAE, you can rest assured your facility and any equipment or supplies inside are fully protected from insects and pests. Our fly net solutions provide complete coverage and long-lasting defense.
  • Cost-Effective Solution. While a new fly net may seem costly initially, it’s a more economical choice than constant repairs for an old one. A new fly net also adds value to your building or structure.

Fly Net Replacement

For comprehensive fly net replacement in the UAE, FIXIT UAE is the trusted choice. Moreover, we offer durable materials, tailored solutions, and skilled installation. Therefore, opt for a long-lasting fly net solution. Replace your fly net today and benefit from maximum protection and durability.


FIXIT UAE dedicates itself to delivering high-quality fly net replacement and repair services throughout the UAE. With years of experience replacing and repairing fly nets on properties of all sizes, you can rest assured your fly net issue is in capable hands. So, Don’t delay in contacting the experts at FIXIT UAE for an inspection and quote. Prepare for summer; check fly nets now to keep out pests and enjoy fresh air. Let FIXIT UAE handle your fly net needs so you can get back to enjoying your space.

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