Bag Cleaning

Bag Cleaning

As a busy professional, keeping your luggage and bags clean and presentable is an important but often overlooked task. With frequent travel and daily use, your bags can quickly become dirty, stained, and worn. Entrusting your bags to FIXIT UAE’s professional bag cleaning service ensures they receive the specialized care needed to keep them looking their best. Their experienced team knows the precise techniques to clean all types of bags while protecting delicate fabrics and materials. From backpacks and briefcases to designer handbags and luggage, FIXIT UAE has the expertise to thoroughly clean, condition, and restore your bags. With convenient service available throughout the UAE, you can easily maintain your bags so they always project a polished, professional image. Let FIXIT UAE handle the bag cleaning so you can focus on your priorities.

Bag Cleaning

Why Professional Bag Cleaning Is Important?

Hygiene and Health

Professional bag cleaning helps eliminate harmful bacteria, germs, and microbes that can build up in luggage over time and through use. Thorough cleaning using industrial equipment and disinfectants helps sanitize your bags, keeping you and your belongings healthy.

Odor Removal

Bags that are used frequently or stored in humid areas can develop musty smells over time. Professional bag cleaning removes stubborn odors from all compartments and pockets of your luggage using odor-eliminating sprays and fresheners. Your bags will smell fresh and clean again after the service.

Stain Removal

Spills, leaks, and stains are unavoidable when traveling. Professional bag cleaning uses heavy-duty stain removers and detergents to lift even the toughest stains from the interior and exterior of your luggage. Any stains will be removed, leaving your bags looking as good as new.

Improved Appearance

General wear and tear from frequent use can make your bags look dirty and shabby. Professional bag cleaning revives the appearance of your luggage, restoring the color and texture to like-new condition. Your bags will look clean and vibrant again after the service.

Extend Longevity

Professional bag cleaning helps extend the lifespan of your luggage by removing built-up dirt and grime from zippers, seams, corners, and handles. Thorough cleaning lubricates zippers and prevents premature wear and tear, allowing your bags to last longer. Regular professional cleaning of your luggage is a worthwhile investment to maximize usage.

Bag Cleaning

Our Bag Cleaning Services in the UAE

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service provides a comprehensive cleaning of your luggage and bags. We meticulously clean the interior and exterior of your bags, removing built-up dirt and stains. Our professional cleaners scrub the lining and pockets, treat any odors, and polish hardware to make your bags look like new. Deep cleaning helps extend the life of your bags and restores them to a pristine condition.

Stain Removal

Accidents happen – your bags encounter spills, splatters, and splashes during travel that can leave permanent stains if not properly treated. Our stain removal experts are highly trained to identify and eliminate even the toughest stains using specialized cleaning agents and techniques. We remove food, grease, ink, and other difficult stains from all types of materials including leather, canvas, nylon and polyester. Your bags will be returned stain-free and fresh.

Odor Elimination

Unpleasant odors build up in luggage over time and through use, caused by spills, environmental exposure, or storage in damp areas. Our odor elimination service destroys odors at their source using industrial odor removers and fragrance-free deodorizers. We fully ventilate and deodorize the interior of your bags, leaving them smelling fresh and neutral. Odor removal is ideal for used bags or those exposed to pungent smells during travel.

Hardware Repair and Replacement

The handles, wheels, zippers, buckles, and other hardware on your luggage endure substantial wear and tear over time and through frequent use. Our repair and replacement service restores or replaces damaged or non-functioning hardware to get your bags back in working order. We source high-quality hardware to match your specific bags. Hardware repair and replacement help extend the lifespan of your luggage and ensure all components are fully operational.

Our professional bag cleaning services restore your luggage to like-new condition. Deep cleaning, stain removal, odor elimination and hardware repair – we provide comprehensive solutions to rejuvenate your bags and keep them clean and functional, no matter where your travels take you.

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To take advantage of our comprehensive bag cleaning services in the UAE, please contact our customer service representatives. Our trained staff can assess your specific needs and provide a customized quote for our services. For immediate assistance, please call our office at 0522112800. Our phone lines are open 24/7 to handle any inquiries. One of our representatives will be available to answer your questions, provide information about our services, and book your appointment.

Bag Cleaning

Our professionally trained cleaning and restoration specialists are ready to make your bags look like new again. With many years of experience, we can properly care for all bag types from various high-end designers. Trust our bag cleaning services to protect your investment and keep your bags in pristine condition.


As an individual or business operating in the UAE, proper luggage care is a key aspect of professionalism and image. By turning to a reputable service like FIXIT UAE for bag cleaning, you can ensure your bags and cases always put your best foot forward. With expertise across leather, fabric, plastic, and other materials, we safely clean and restore your luggage to like-new condition. Trust FIXIT UAE to keep your bags clean and make the right impression every time you travel. Regular bag cleaning is an investment in quality and service that pays dividends through improved durability and aesthetics. 

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