Emergency Aquarium Services

Emergency Aquarium Services

As an aquarium owner, you know how important it is to maintain a healthy environment for your fish and aquatic life. But accidents happen, and sometimes aquarium emergencies require immediate expert help. When disaster strikes your underwater world, you need a rapid response from professionals you can trust. That’s where FIXIT UAE’s emergency aquarium services come in. With over a decade of experience, our team offers round-the-clock assistance for any aquarium emergency in the UAE. Whether a broken tank, pump failure, water chemistry crisis, or any other urgent issue arises, we have the skills and equipment to address the problem quickly. Your aquatic pets deserve the best care, so don’t hesitate to call FIXIT UAE for prompt, reliable emergency aquarium services day or night. We’re ready to help restore order to your underwater oasis.

Emergency Aquarium Services

What Are Emergency Aquarium Services?

Emergency aquarium services provide urgent assistance for unforeseen issues with residential or commercial aquariums. These services dispatch trained aquarium technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address emergency repairs, water quality problems, medical issues, equipment failures, and other critical situations.

Rapid Response and Diagnosis

The key to effective emergency aquarium service is a fast response time. Aquarium technicians will promptly arrive on-site to evaluate the situation, test water parameters, inspect equipment, and determine necessary solutions to stabilize conditions. They are equipped to handle both saltwater and freshwater aquarium emergencies.

Life Support and Repairs

If life support equipment like filters, pumps, heaters, or chillers fail, aquarium technicians can install temporary units to maintain proper conditions until permanent repairs or replacements are made. They can also perform emergency repairs to fix leaks or clogs and get critical equipment functioning again.

Water Quality and Medical Assistance

Emergency aquarium services can also help resolve water quality issues from ammonia or nitrite spikes by performing partial water changes, adding chemical buffers, and adjusting filtration. If fish or other marine life show signs of disease or distress, technicians have the proper medication and treatment experience to help remedy many common medical conditions. They can also refer clients to veterinarians for more serious health issues.

Minimizing Loss

The ultimate goal of emergency aquarium service is to prevent the loss of livestock and minimize damage to aquariums and equipment. By responding quickly and professionally to emergencies with solutions to stabilize conditions, these services help aquarium owners avoid potential disasters and get their aquariums back to normal operating parameters as soon as possible.

Common Aquarium Emergencies and How We Can Help

Aquarium owners often face unexpected emergencies that require immediate attention to avoid harming or killing fish. As an emergency aquarium service, FIXIT UAE is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to aquarium crises. Our experienced aquarists are equipped to handle a variety of common emergencies.

Equipment Malfunctions

Equipment like filters, heaters, and pumps can malfunction, jeopardizing water conditions and the well-being of fish. We have replacements on hand for most equipment and can perform emergency repairs or installations to restore proper function. Our aquarists are also trained to perform emergency water changes and chemical adjustments in the event of a malfunction to stabilize conditions until equipment is restored or replaced.

Water Issues

Changes in water conditions like pH crashes, ammonia or nitrite spikes, or lack of oxygen can become lethal within hours. We monitor aquarium water conditions continuously and can perform emergency partial or whole water changes, chemical adjustments, and oxygenation to restore balance. For saltwater tanks, we also check specific gravity and salinity to ensure levels remain in the appropriate range.

Medical Emergencies

Fish diseases and parasites emerge rapidly and require quick diagnosis and treatment. Our aquarists are experienced in diagnosing and treating common fish diseases and parasites. We stock a variety of fish medicines and can administer appropriate treatments to control or eliminate outbreaks before they become lethal.

Emergency Aquarium Services

With 24-hour emergency service and experienced aquarists on call, FIXIT UAE is prepared to handle any aquarium crisis quickly and professionally. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any emergency aquarium needs. Our team is here to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of your fish.

Wide Range of Emergency Aquarium Services

FIXIT UAE offers a comprehensive range of aquarium services to meet any need. Our experienced aquarists are available for emergency call-outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aquarium Installation and Maintenance

We handle the full installation and ongoing maintenance of residential and commercial aquariums. From selecting equipment and decor to performing regular water testing and filter changes, we ensure optimal conditions for your fish and invertebrates.

Aquarium Repairs and Troubleshooting

If there is an equipment malfunction, water quality issue, or other problem with your aquarium, our team can diagnose the cause and perform necessary repairs or adjustments. We service all major brands of aquariums, filters, lighting systems, and more.

Aquarium Moving and Relocation

Moving an aquarium requires care and expertise to safely transport fish and corals without harming them. We can dismantle, move, and reassemble your aquarium at its new location, handling everything from draining and refilling the tank to re-acclimating the inhabitants.

Aquarium Emergency Services

In the event of an aquarium emergency such as a cracked tank, pump failure, or water contamination, immediate action needs to be taken to save the inhabitants and prevent damage. Our emergency response team is on call day and night to address any aquarium emergencies and perform necessary life support and rescue measures.

FIXIT UAE’s aquarists have a passion for the aquarium hobby and years of experience providing solutions for tanks of all types and sizes. When problems arise or you need support setting up and maintaining your aquarium, we have the knowledge and services to assist you.


In closing, you have learned that FIXIT UAE offers comprehensive emergency aquarium services to keep your fish and other aquatic life happy and thriving. By turning to our experienced team for help with aquarium leaks, equipment failures, water quality issues, and illness outbreaks, you can get your tank back on track quickly. Don’t wait until small problems become big disasters. Call FIXIT UAE today at 0522112800 to schedule an aquarium house call. Rest assured, with our swift responses, inventive fixes, and assurance of live fish, we prioritize your aquatic pets’ welfare.


What should I do if I notice a sudden drop in water quality in my aquarium?

If you notice a sudden drop in water quality, such as cloudy water, an unusual smell, or distressed fish, it’s crucial to act quickly. Start by testing the water parameters, including ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, and salinity (for saltwater tanks). Perform a partial water change of 25-50% to help dilute any harmful substances. Remove any uneaten food or decaying matter that could be contributing to the problem. Then, contact FIXIT UAE’s emergency aquarium services. Our technicians can provide immediate assistance, further testing, and chemical adjustments to stabilize the water conditions and ensure the safety of your aquatic life.

How do you handle equipment malfunctions in an emergency?

In the event of equipment malfunctions, such as a broken heater, failed filter, or malfunctioning pump, our team at FIXIT UAE is ready to respond 24/7. When you call us, we will dispatch a trained technician to your location. They will bring replacement parts and temporary equipment to maintain your tank’s critical functions. The technician will assess the situation, perform necessary repairs or installations, and ensure that your aquarium‘s environment remains stable until a permanent solution can be implemented. We prioritize rapid response to minimize any disruption to your aquatic ecosystem.

How do you manage a cracked tank or significant water leak?

A cracked tank or significant water leak is a serious emergency that requires immediate attention to prevent loss of water, property damage, and harm to your fish. In such cases, relocate fish to a temporary tank with clean water, ensuring their safety before addressing the issue. Then, contact FIXIT UAE’s emergency services. Our team will arrive quickly to assess the damage and provide a temporary solution to stop the leak. We’ll fix or swap the tank, safely transfer your aquatic friends, and ensure the new setup’s stability and security. We also offer advice on how to prevent such issues in the future.

Emergency Aquarium Services

What should I expect during an emergency aquarium service visit?

During an emergency aquarium service visit from FIXIT UAE, you can expect a prompt and professional response. Our technicians will arrive equipped with tools, testing kits, and emergency supplies. They will start by assessing the situation, testing water parameters, and inspecting all equipment. Based on their findings, they will perform necessary actions such as water changes, equipment repairs, or installations. If there are health issues with your fish, they will administer appropriate treatments. Throughout the process, our technicians will communicate clearly with you, explaining the steps taken and providing recommendations for ongoing care. Our goal is to resolve the emergency quickly and effectively, ensuring the health and stability of your aquarium.

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