Custom Made Aquarium

Custom Made Aquarium

With your passion for aquatic life and desire to design a one-of-a-kind aquarium environment, look no further than FIXIT UAE’s custom aquarium service. As an aquarium enthusiast in the UAE, you want to bring your unique vision to life with a custom-built aquarium tailored to your specifications. Our experienced team can consult with you to determine the perfect size, shape, and features to match your aesthetic and meet the needs of the fish species you wish to keep. We use only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to construct stunning custom aquariums that become the centerpiece of your home or office. With FIXIT UAE handling every aspect of bringing your custom aquarium plans to fruition, you can focus on selecting fish and decor to populate your new aquatic habitat. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin creating your dream aquarium.

Custom Made Aquarium

Custom Made Aquariums – An Overview


Custom aquariums are designed to your exact specifications and needs. You have full control over the aquarium‘s size, shape, and features. The options are endless, whether you want a small desktop aquarium or a large wall aquarium. The aquarium can be designed to seamlessly blend into your interior decor.


High-quality materials are used to construct custom aquariums, including low-iron glass for maximum clarity, durable silicone, and corrosion-resistant joints. Aquariums can also be made from acrylic, which is lightweight but still durable. The material options depend on your needs and budget.

Filtration and Equipment

State-of-the-art filtration and equipment are installed to keep your custom aquarium in pristine condition. Multi-stage canister filters, protein skimmers, chillers, heaters, UV sterilizers, and high-output LED lighting can be incorporated into your custom aquarium system. Automated dosing systems for salt, trace elements, and medications are also available for a truly customized life support system.

Installation and Maintenance

Custom aquariums require expert installation to ensure they are level, sealed properly, and can handle the weight of the system. FIXIT UAE handles all installation needs. We also offer regular maintenance services to keep your custom aquarium looking its best. Our experienced aquarists can handle everything from filter changes to coral propagation and fish medication in your custom saltwater or freshwater aquarium.

Custom Made Aquarium

Overall, custom aquariums allow you to create a unique underwater world tailored to your needs and desires. At FIXIT UAE, we make the custom aquarium design, installation, and maintenance process simple and streamlined so you can enjoy your slice of the ocean in your home or office.

Custom Made Aquarium Design Considerations

When commissioning a custom aquarium, there are several factors you must consider to ensure an exceptional final product that suits your needs and budget.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your aquarium determine how much space it will occupy as well as how many fish and other aquatic life it can support. Standard sizes range from under 30 gallons to massive tanks over 1,000 gallons. For shapes, rectangular is most common, but curved front, bowfront, and even spherical or column-shaped tanks are options. Choose a size and shape based on the space available and the types of fish you want.


The two most popular materials for aquariums are glass and acrylic. Glass aquariums are more scratch-resistant and cheaper, but acrylic ones are lighter, stronger, and provide a clearer view. For larger tanks or commercial installations, acrylic is often the better choice despite the higher cost. Either material can work well for a custom aquarium, so discuss the pros and cons of each with your aquarium professional to determine what will suit your needs best.

Filtration and Lighting

An advanced three-stage filtration system and full-spectrum lighting are must-haves for any custom aquarium. Your filtration system should include mechanical, chemical, and biological filters to keep water conditions pristine. For lighting, LED fixtures that provide a bright, full-spectrum glow are ideal for healthy plant and fish growth. Discuss your options for high-performance filtration and lighting systems with your aquarium expert for the best results.

With the right design, material, filtration, and lighting considerations taken into account for your custom aquarium, you’ll have a stunning showcase that provides an exceptional environment for your fish and aquatic plants. The investment in planning will pay off for years to come in an aquarium you can fully enjoy and be proud of.

Why Choose FIXIT UAE Custom Made Aquarium Service?

Expertise and Experience

FIXIT UAE has over 20 years of experience providing custom aquarium installation and maintenance services in the UAE. Our team of marine biologists and aquarists are highly trained experts who can design and build custom aquariums to meet your specific needs and preferences. We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, equipment, and best practices to ensure high-quality, long-lasting results for our clients.

Highest Quality Products

We source only the highest quality, eco-friendly products for your custom aquarium to provide a healthy environment for your fish. We use premium low-iron glass for crystal clear viewing, top-of-the-line filtration and lighting systems, and live plants and decorations that are aquarium-safe. Our goal is to create a beautiful custom aquarium that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

Personalized Service

At FIXIT UAE, we provide highly personalized service for your custom aquarium project. We consult with you directly to understand your vision, budget, and any design constraints. We then create customized 3D models and drawings for your approval before installation. Our team will be on-site to build your custom aquarium and ensure that it is functioning properly before introducing fish. We are also available for ongoing maintenance and support after installation to keep your aquarium in optimal condition.

Competitive Pricing

While we do not cut corners regarding quality, FIXIT UAE aims to provide the best value to our clients. We source high-quality but cost-effective materials and pass on discounts to our customers. We believe that premium custom aquariums should be accessible to more people. Contact us today for a free estimate and see how affordable a custom aquarium from FIXIT UAE can be. Our team is committed to working within your budget to bring your dream aquarium to life.

Custom Made Aquarium

In summary, FIXIT UAE is the top choice for custom aquariums in the UAE due to our expertise, high-quality products, personalized service, and competitive pricing. We would be delighted to create a stunning custom aquarium that will bring you joy for years to come. Please get in touch with our friendly team today to get started.


In closing, you have learned about FIXIT UAE and the custom aquarium services we provide. Our skilled craftsmen can build the aquarium of your dreams with quality materials and workmanship. When you choose us for your custom aquarium, you can have confidence knowing our decades of experience will ensure your satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure the process is both enjoyable and stress-free. Contact FIXIT UAE today at 0522112800 to start planning your custom aquarium. Let our team handle every detail, from design to installation, so you can simply relax and enjoy your new underwater world. With FIXIT UAE, we ensure your aquarium perfectly fits your vision, space, and lifestyle.

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