Aquarium Renovation

Aquarium Renovation

As a discerning aquarium owner, you understand the importance of proper tank maintenance and upkeep. However, undertaking major renovations requires time, expertise, and the right tools. Rather than tackling a major aquarium remodel alone, partner with the professionals at FIXIT UAE. With years of experience transforming tired tanks into stunning aquatic showpieces, their skilled team handles everything from concept to completion. Let them upgrade filtration, install new rockwork and decor, replace worn silicone seals, or even completely reimagine your tank’s theme and inhabitants. By trusting FIXIT UAE for your next aquarium renovation, you gain peace of mind knowing the work will be done right the first time by experts devoted to crafting breathtaking underwater worlds. Contact them today to schedule a design consultation and estimate for your upcoming project.

Aquarium Renovation

Why Your Aquarium May Need Renovation?

Structural Damage or Leaks

Over time, aquariums can develop cracks or leaks in the glass panels or seals. This compromises the stability and water tightness of the tank, putting the inhabitants and surrounding area at risk. Renovation services can replace damaged panels and re-seal the aquarium to ensure safety and function.

Outdated Equipment

Aquarium equipment like filters, heaters, and lighting systems degrade over years of constant use. Old equipment is less efficient and reliable, and more prone to malfunctions that can endanger tank inhabitants. Aquarium renovation provides an opportunity to replace aged equipment with modern, high-quality components that will keep water conditions optimal for the lifetime of your pets.

Unsuitable Environment

The needs of aquarium inhabitants change as they grow and age. A once-suitable environment may become inadequate, leading to health issues or behavioral problems in fish and other animals. Aquarium renovation allows you to modify factors like water volume, filtration, heating, and decor to create an ideal environment for your pets’ current life stage.

Aesthetic Improvements

Some aquarium owners also choose renovation to improve the appearance and design of their tanks. Services may include changing lighting to enhance the coloration of fish and plants, adding decorative gravel or sand, installing new driftwood or rock formations, or applying a background to the outside of the tank. These aesthetic upgrades make an aquarium the focal point of any room.

In summary, aquarium renovation helps ensure the safety, function, and attractiveness of your tank. Whether repairing damage, replacing old equipment, modifying the habitat, or simply improving aesthetics, renovation by a professional service is well worth the investment for any aquarium owner. Your finned and scaled friends will appreciate the improvements to their home.

Aquarium Renovation Services Offered by FIXIT UAE

General Cleaning and Maintenance

As part of our aquarium renovation service, we provide a deep cleaning of your entire aquarium system. This includes scrubbing algae off surfaces, vacuuming gravel, cleaning filters and pumps, wiping down glass, and performing water changes. Routine maintenance like this helps ensure good water quality and a healthy environment for your fish.

Aquascaping and Decor

We can design and install a custom aquascape to enhance the appearance of your aquarium. This may include selecting decorative rocks, driftwood, and live or artificial plants. An attractive aquascape, combined with appropriate lighting, can turn an ordinary fish tank into an eye-catching underwater garden. We aim to create aquascapes our clients will enjoy for years to come.

Equipment Upgrades and Repairs

If your aquarium equipment needs replacement or repair, we can install or fix pumps, filters, heaters, lighting, plumbing, and more. We carry equipment from top brands to suit any size or type of tank. Upgrading to newer, more efficient equipment can help ensure the proper functioning of your aquarium life support system for your fish. We are also able to diagnose and fix any leaks that may be present in your aquarium or plumbing.

Aquarium Renovation

Overall, FIXIT UAE aims to provide high-quality aquarium renovation services to help you get the most enjoyment out of your fish tank. With our expertise, we can transform your aquarium into an attractive showpiece you will be proud to display in your home or office.

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To begin your aquarium renovation service with FIXIT UAE, please contact our customer service representatives. We have a team of skilled professionals ready to assist you with your needs and inquiries.

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For immediate assistance, call us at 0522112800. You can reach us anytime, day or night, seven days a week, as our phone lines are always open. One of our representatives will take down the details of your aquarium renovation requirements and provide you with a free estimate of the total cost.

Online Contact Form

You also have the option to complete our contact form. Remember to provide necessary details such as:

  • Aquarium type (freshwater, saltwater, reef) and dimensions
  • Issues you want to address (leak repairs, resurfacing, lighting replacement, etc.)
  • Your contact details.

One of our specialists will review your email and provide a detailed proposal for your aquarium renovation. Don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions you might have.


In summary, renovating and upgrading your aquarium can breathe new life into your underwater ecosystem. Our skilled team at FIXIT UAE has the expertise to handle small touch-ups or major overhauls. We use top-quality products and advanced techniques to create stunning aquascapes. Whether you want a simple cleaning or a dramatic redesign, contact FIXIT UAE today. We will work with you to achieve your dream aquarium that perfectly suits your needs, vision, and budget. Our passion is crafting healthy, balanced, and visually stunning aquatic environments. Let us apply our aquarium renovation services to upgrade your tank into an underwater masterpiece.

Aquarium Renovation – FAQs

Why should I consider renovating my aquarium?

Renovating your aquarium is essential for several reasons. Over time, structural damage or leaks can compromise the safety of your tank and its inhabitants. Outdated equipment may lead to inefficient filtration or inadequate heating, risking the health of your aquatic pets. Additionally, as your fish and plants grow, their habitat requirements change, necessitating modifications to ensure optimal conditions. Finally, aesthetic improvements can transform your aquarium into a visually stunning centerpiece in your home or office.

How do I know if my aquarium needs renovation?

Several signs indicate that your aquarium may require renovation. Visible cracks or leaks in the glass panels or silicone seals are clear indicators of structural damage. If your equipment, such as filters, heaters, or lighting systems, is old or malfunctioning, it’s time for an upgrade. Behavioral changes or health issues in your fish and other aquatic animals could signal an unsuitable environment. Lastly, if you’re looking to enhance the visual appeal of your tank, a renovation can help achieve your desired aesthetic.

What services does FIXIT UAE offer for aquarium renovation?

FIXIT UAE offers a comprehensive range of aquarium renovation services to meet your needs. This includes general cleaning and maintenance, aquascaping and decor design, as well as equipment upgrades and repairs. Our skilled professionals can handle everything from scrubbing algae off surfaces to installing new pumps, filters, or lighting systems. We aim to create stunning aquascapes that not only enhance the beauty of your tank but also provide a healthy environment for your aquatic pets.

How often should I renovate my aquarium?

The frequency of aquarium renovation depends on various factors, including the size of your tank, the type of aquatic life it houses, and the level of maintenance it receives. Generally, it’s advisable to conduct regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning filters, vacuuming gravel, and performing water changes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. As for major renovations, they may be necessary every few years to address structural damage, upgrade equipment, or modify the habitat to meet the changing needs of your aquatic pets.

Aquarium Renovation

How do I get started with FIXIT UAE for my aquarium renovation project?

Getting started with FIXIT UAE for your aquarium renovation project is simple. You can contact us via phone by calling 0522112800, and one of our representatives will assist you with your inquiries and schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form, providing details such as your aquarium type, dimensions, and the issues you want to address. Our specialists will review your request and provide you with a detailed proposal for your renovation project. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions you may have, and we’ll be happy to assist you every step of the way.

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