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Mounting Services

Mounting Services

If you recently shifted into a new home or apartment or bought a new TV or anything else, you’re likely excited to enjoy that theater-like experience right in your living room. But you may not have the facilities, tools, time, or tolerance to conquer the task. Watch your favorite shows and movies, and leave the hard work for Fixit’s Mounting services.

Let the Experts Take Responsibility Of the Flat Screen Installation

Since we were founded many years ago, Fixit’s expertise has installed thousands upon thousands of TVs for our clients, leaving them overwhelmingly happy and satisfied. Fixit’s professionals have established a level of perfection that is simply exceptional among our competitors. How? the waste time or money attempting to mount your TV,

  or risk damaging your walls when our worker can get the task done for you? Don’t feel like the effort of accurately fixing up your television? Let our professionals take care of the flat screen installation process. We’ll look at your space and TV to come up with the greatest ideas for mounting your flat screen. Your options may include tilting, level, and narrow or low-profile brackets for an ultra-flush look.

If You Want a TV Mount, Here are Your Options

  • Full-Motion MountMounting Service

These TV mounts are enlarged, retracted, bent, and rotate in all directions, so they are frequently becoming a choice for most homes. They are recommended when multiple viewing positions are desired or when a wall corner, room frame, or window position makes it hard to properly situate a TV.

  • Tilt Mount

These TV mounts turn up or down for better viewing from a sofa, bed, or floor. They are recommended when reflections from windows or lighting conflict with TV viewing or when multiple viewing angles are desired.

  • Fixed Mount

These low-profile TV mounts attach nearly to the wall to maximize the horizontal, thin lines of flat-screen TVs. They are suggested when the TV needs to be positioned close to the wall and at a fixed height. They are also a good option when you want your view to be at eye level, directly in front of your seating area.

Why Book Our Mounting Services?

Mounting ServiceIf you’ve got a brand new flat-screen TV you need to be mounted on your wall, we’re the most reliable service out there. It doesn’t matter which brand of TV you’ve purchased Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic. Fixit’s top-rated experts have seen them all before and will have no issue getting your elegant new television up on your wall, quick. Perfectly centered, no mess. During a discussion, we’ll check on the size of your television, the surface for mounting, and decide whether you have a bracket or need one. All of the tools you may need are provided during installation. We’ll even put extra effort into hiding the television wires behind the wall for a more satin look. The outcomes of the bracket placement and wiring of your flat screen will be neat. 

 Put your mind at peace!

 All of our techs are fully experienced and qualified.

Therefore, you can feel free to contact us for any kind of Mounting Services, and also we can work on all kinds of things, We can serve you what you want, Thankyou…

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